Phone activation service at Omniglobe International provides you easy-to-use Phone activation code with a fully equipped efficient phone activation system.

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Phone Activation Code

Phone activation is regarded as a critical process in today's severely competitive telecom industry - benchmarking the excellence of
Speedy & accurate service
Supports new technologies
Minimum delay & fallout
Quicker revenue generation
Reduced operational costs
Proactive customer support
service providers in terms of faster innovation, superior co-ordination, and latest technology integration. As subscribers prefer a speedy, hassle-free set-up process and a simple, easy-to-use activation code, service providers across the globe focus on providing a quick and efficient phone activation system fully equipped to serve large volumes of LNP traffic and provide the kind of options and convenience which their consumers look for. In a bid to introduce a highly advanced consumer acquisition process, communication companies need to ensure that newly ported numbers are activated at the earliest while order fallouts and delays are kept at a minimum. Omniglobe International has adequate technical expertise and experience to offer a full range of user-friendly and cost-effective phone activation solutions to meet the custom requirements of Tier 1 service providers in the USA and other international markets.

Advantage Omniglobe International

From payment verification and order processing through to phone activation code generation and actual implementation - Omniglobe International has developed a speedy yet meticulous phone activation process that supports new systems and technologies. Working with us help our valued clients gain a rare competitive advantage as carriers are able to do away with all-too-frequent infrastructure expansions and upgrades. Outsourcing to a partner like Omniglobe International also minimizes capital and human investments as the company works seamlessly with back-end systems for activating newly ported telephone numbers (TNs).

What We Offer

As soon as a phone activation request is generated, Omniglobe International completes payment verification, checks contract duration, and finalizes account set-up with the carrier's billing system before confirming the order. Failsafe testing takes place before the phone activation code is generated and the TN (telephone number) is restored, thus making the activation process effective and efficient. Omniglobe International focuses on effective fallout clean-up and proactive customer support, so that our valued clients may accelerate and optimize the phone activation process.

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