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At Omniglobe International, our core values define our corporate culture and impact our decisions at every level. A global provider catering to Tier 1 telecom carriers, we support and enhance your service offerings, ensure quality, and deliver excellence to build a sustainable relationship. Our corporate value system constantly promotes the philosophy of service, drives operational excellence, and helps us scale greater heights.

Core Values which Rule Omniglobe International

Integrity : At Omniglobe International, we uphold the highest standards of integrity in all client dealings and maintain the confidentiality of all corporate, financial, and other sensitive data. We consider integrity as one of the vital elements for success and all our employees are committed to a high standard of ethics.

Respect : A leading provider of custom software and telecom services, Omniglobe International adheres to a set of core values and helps develop a high level of trust and respect among its team members - critically important for a team's success. We have an effective employee support system across the organization and respect all our team members as individuals, acknowledging their diverse nature and demonstrating sensitivity towards their unique needs and circumstances. We respect their talents, ideas, and dedication which help ensure our clients' success and ultimately our own.

Teamwork : Employees at Omniglobe International work as a team at every level of the organization. Committed to providing end-to-end solutions to Tier 1 telecom carriers, they collaborate with clients at every touch point and help enhance customer satisfaction. This enables us solve issues promptly and efficiently, develop best-possible solutions for business issues, and support each other through an honest and open communication system. While our people belong to assorted backgrounds, we work together in groups, respect each entity, share our skills and resources, and think ahead to improve, support, and nurture collaborative workplace relationships. We believe: A STAR TEAM PERFORMS BETTER THAN A TEAM OF STARS.

Continuous Improvement : The company's process infrastructure and inherent value system evolves around the Quality culture of continuous improvement. We constantly uplift our performance levels and upgrade our solutions, so that leading telecom service providers may add value to their service offerings, support their end-users better, and achieve their business goals. The company believes in Quality as a way of life, strives hard for excellence, and encourages out-of-the-box thinking for innovative operations. We also take corrective and preventive actions to improve the business processes, enhance the operating system, and ensure total customer satisfaction. Omniglobe International imparts training to all its employees whenever required, and promotes the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Our work culture motivates and values high performance, while we support the personal and professional growth of all our employees and encourage them to outperform competition.

Responsiveness : Whether it is a purely routine telecom back office transaction, or a highly complex application development, we promptly respond to our clients' needs by providing accessible, accurate, comprehensive, and timely information. Our experienced professionals have a proactive approach towards anticipated customer needs, while we provide innovative solutions to resolve all issues, at the earliest. Our commitment and zeal for responsiveness and accountability allow us to flourish in a dynamic business environment. We believe in enhancing customer support and satisfaction through responsiveness, accountability, well-defined quality management system, and operational excellence.

Leadership : Recognizing leadership qualities and developing leaders remain a core value exercise at Omniglobe International. Our selection norms ensure that we employ only the best talent with a desire to excel. Budding talents get adequate opportunities to gain in knowledge and skills - so that they have the professional expertise to improve and strengthen clients' bottom lines. We foster a culture that encourages all employees to lead by example, exercise leadership, and promote responsiveness and accountability for the services we provide and the decisions we make.

Experience : As service provisioning and management make up the largest portion of the IT & telecom outsource segment, industry leaders across the globe leverage the expertise of leading solution providers to ensure Quality, cost advantage, and quick time to market. Headquartered in Maryland, USA, Omniglobe International is a major service bureau with a state-of-the-art support center in India, and offers a wide array of complex IT and high-end telecommunication back office services to Tier 1 service providers in the USA, Europe, and other international markets.

However, it is not the service excellence or process improvement system alone that has helped the company expand its global presence and make foray into high growth areas. Our momentum in international markets is the direct outcome of our superior credentials in areas like Technology & Innovation, Quality & Security. The value proposition that Omniglobe International brings to international service providers enables to meet custom requirements, helps lift the levels of customer service, and provides insightful direction that many of our clients have come to rely upon. Outsource your core application development or telecom back office process, and we will come up with the most suitable solution crucial for your business success. Omniglobe International and its subsidiaries in India will continue to bring you success - laying a positive impact on your bottom line to optimize your growth.

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