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Omniglobe International - One of the best ways to Outsource to India


As service provisioning and management make up the largest portion of the IT & telecommunication outsource segment, industry leaders across the globe leverage the expertise of leading solution providers to ensure Quality, cost advantage, and quick time to market. Headquartered in Maryland, USA, Omniglobe International is a major service bureau with a state-of-the-art support center in India, and offers a wide array of complex IT and high-end telecommunication back office services to Tier 1 carriers in the USA, Europe and other international markets.


As Tier 1 service providers and IT leaders across the globe increasingly outsource their critical projects as the epitome of an agile business solution, Omniglobe International and its India based subsidiaries provide integrated, end-to-end services and ensure delivery excellence - backed by its cutting-edge technical expertise, significant international exposure, and uncompromising commitment to Quality. An ISO 9001:2008 company (certification through the Netherlands-based Det Norske Veritas or DNV), the company adheres to industry-leading Quality standards and has a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes both in telecommunication back office process execution and mission-critical software development. We have a well-defined Quality Matrix in place and focus on continuous improvement through real-time monitoring and internal review of Quality and productivity. Whether it is highly complex back office transaction or custom application development, Omniglobe International tests the effectiveness of each process through compliance monitoring and implementation of most suitable corrective measures in minimum possible time. Outsource your core or crucial IT/telecommunications projects today and leverage the comprehensive solution/service range executed by our onshore team and offshore facility in India. Omniglobe International will create value and impact growth to help you pursue success.

Teamwork : Employees at Omniglobe International work as a team at every level of the organization. Committed to providing end-to-end solutions to Tier 1 telecom carriers, they collaborate with clients at every touch point and help enhance customer satisfaction. This enables us solve issues promptly and efficiently, develop best-possible solutions for business issues, and support each other through an honest and open communication system. While our people belong to assorted backgrounds, we work together in groups, respect each entity, share our skills and resources, and think ahead to improve, support, and nurture collaborative workplace relationships. We believe: A STAR TEAM PERFORMS BETTER THAN A TEAM OF STARS.

Quality exercise at Omniglobe International includes:

  • Error identification and documentation.
  • Daily audits by the Quality Assurance team for meticulous implementation of Quality parameters.
  • Stringent corrective measures for rectifying non-conformance.
  • Real-time success measurement through status reports monitoring and operational metrics review.
  • Interdepartmental Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for performance enhancement.
  • Adequate training for process improvement.
  • Sharing of experiences by our best performers for overall quality enhancement.

Security Policy

If you want to outsource your critical projects to a major vendor offering robust security solution, Omniglobe International and its India based subsidiaries will be the right choice for you. The company has been approved by a major US telecommunication service provider for its operations both from data & employee security perspective. Omniglobe International employs stringent measures to ensure total safety and security of crucial data, systems, and networks. Whether it is a highly complex development function or a routine back office process transaction, our round-the-clock physical security system makes sure that there is only authorized access to data, processes, and assets across the entire organization.

Omniglobe International is extremely sensitive to its employees' security requirements, especially that of the female staff. We take all necessary steps to ensure the physical security and well-being of our female employees while they are commuting to and from the office. The company has well-defined transportation policies regarding such safety measures and audits are held regularly to verify adherence to these policies. In other words, Omniglobe International is a security haven both for its valued customers and team members.

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