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Customer care is a strategic imperative in a competitive marketplace. Omniglobe International adheres to a proactive, "customer first" approach to ensure required access, quick response time, and the full breadth of its expertise to meet your needs. Hence, the performance bottlenecks can be diagnosed and dealt with, on time. Be it service activation, porting numbers, or dealing with fallout; directory listing or high-end software development - our team of experienced support professionals will work in close association with you and help resolve all technical and business issues quickly and effectively.

Initiation of strong service culture
Enhanced customer loyalty
Repeat business and revenue boost
Overall cost reduction
A customer focused organization with a CRM vision, Omniglobe International has lifted its service levels above the routine helpdesk and trouble ticket generation. We believe in increasing responsiveness at all levels and provide dedicated support to integrate new technologies, optimize service excellence, and ascertain peak system performance. Omniglobe International has pioneered the culture of open communications and process transparency - welcoming every customer to its offshore development center for progress monitoring and process auditing in real time. Our unparalleled service, support, and trouble shooting are focused to keep business-critical systems performing round the clock, so that your end-users are totally satisfied. With the Omniglobe customer service team to support and assist them, Tier 1 carriers and IT majors find it easy to resolve issues, enhance service value, and build upon brand loyalty - thus leading to increased profits and optimum growth.

Customer Service at Omniglobe: Support Differentiators

Quick Response & Resolution Time : At Omniglobe International, interfacing with our valued customers in real time and solving their problems top the priority list. Our dedicated support professionals will pay particular attention to each service request and help resolve each issue quickly and efficiently, while you raise the bar in service quality and end-user satisfaction.

Excellent Support Team with Proactive Approach : Our skilled and experienced professionals have a strong customer focus, aligned to your needs, service demands, and expectations. At Omniglobe International, we support a proactive environment for customer interaction that enables us to provide forward-thinking solutions at all touch points.

Customer Service Redefined through Reinforced Support : In a bid to redefine customer experience and enhance service levels, Omniglobe International analyzes both positive and negative interactions to create a success roadmap for its support staff. This, in turn, helps our professionals perform better and come up with actionable strategies.

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