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Back office services and solutions India

As the telecom life cycle becomes more complex in nature, major service providers across the globe find it increasingly compelling to focus on core activities and specialized operations while they outsource many a critical back office program to qualified service bureaus & clearinghouses. According to a recent US market survey, directory listing, directory assistance, billing, and customer support are some of the fastest-growing back office services with significant growth potentials. Whether you want a traditional listing with names, addresses, and telephone numbers of organizations/individuals; or a standalone for loop service & facility based end user (EU); or a complex, enhanced directory service (EDS) featuring additional information such as locations, show timings, and road guides; Omniglobe International has information processing and validation program required for efficient directory listing (DL). So, it ensures data accuracy and enhanced speed-to-market.

How Omniglobe International Meets Your DL Requirements

A routine yet time-consuming back office program, directory listing requires a "zero-error" database creation and updating through careful
Accurate & updated data for assured service excellence.
Built-in redundancy for reliable performance.
Value-added offerings to enhance end-users' satisfaction.
Increased revenues and profitability.
Resources opened up for core activities.
information processing and stringent validation measures. From processing the local service request (LSR) and generating firm order confirmation (FOC) through to list scrubbing, record search, validation, and order activity confirmation - Omniglobe International offers a flawless back office program for directory listing to keep your business efficient and thriving. As soon as LSRs for new listings or changes/modifications are generated, we promptly ensure order validity and provide firm order confirmations within a stipulated timeframe before provisioning the actual directory listing services. Once the information is collated and formatted, Omniglobe International carries out data scrubbing, record search, and validation to update the database and make it virtually "error-free". Activity confirmations (regarding additions, removals, and changes made) are then forwarded to customers before the listing process can be completed.

Omniglobe International has a proven track record of maintaining the privacy of information and ensuring the highest level of data security while handling client projects, data, and documents. Our data accuracy, round-the-clock updates, and built-in redundancy guarantee the most reliable back office program and performance.

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