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Be it wire line, wireless or Internet-based, TN (telephone number) porting remains a critical service area and any interruption to the normal porting flow at any phase of the order management process will result into a fallout. Omniglobe International, offers a robust yet flexible fallout management service, which not only helps resolve issues at the earliest but also enables to address potential porting failures with the help of enhanced infrastructure, better customer support technologies and stringent monitoring, tracking, & reporting systems.

Coping with Fallout

In spite of automating some of the processes of porting a number, fallout still requires manual intervention, leading to increased costs. Initial fallouts can be the direct outcome of various factors – from data mismatch during carrier-to-carrier communications (difference in name, billing address discrepancy, disparity in contract duration details, credit disapproval etc.) and data entry errors through to incomplete/inadequate information submitted by subscriber, and lapse in data validation/verification process. However, orders qualified for flow through may fail at the switch due to volume & complexity of port requests, system variations, and other technical bottlenecks. Whatever be the cause, service providers across the globe require an end-to-end fallout management solution, which can support telecom companies in organizing and streamlining their entire order management process. Omniglobe International deals with order fallout and employs an error management process, which improves the porting times and reduces costs.

Why Opt for Omniglobe International

Omniglobe International has industry expertise, experience and technology to help you deal with the entire order management process – right from order request validation through to service activation.

Comprehensive order management
Quick issues resolution
Enhanced service levels
Improved productivity
Reduced operational costs
In a bid to speed up order processing and enhance customer experience, we offer a flexible and unifying fallout management system, which will seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow and correction approaches. Resolving order fallouts and removing errors often call for both automated and manual interventions, and we are fully equipped to handle complex problems quickly and efficiently while bridging those service gaps which might, otherwise, have resulted into business bottlenecks and high customer churn. As soon as a porting request is received, validation/verification is carried out. In case of any discrepancy, a notification is promptly sent out to the customer, explaining the specific issue/s. The customer is again notified once the issues are resolved and orders are submitted to the provisioning system for flow through.

At Omniglobe International, we track order fallouts through regulated response checks, escalate resolutions, and perform order fallout analysis and correlation, whenever necessary. Our unique fallout management solutions ensure effective interfacing with other operational support systems so that, Tier 1 service providers may optimize their efficiency and guarantee service excellence.

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