Our Revenue Assurance services ensure that accurate ‘Revenues’ are precisely recorded for publicly traded companies for their Auditors.

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In Financial sector, we consolidate financial information of publicly listed companies. Typically, information is consolidated into an excel format from its financial sources such as 10Ks, 20Fs, 40Fs and Annual Reports. Quality control is performed which involves checking section totals and randomly checking various line item entries. Weekly reports are circulated to the client regarding project status and queries.

In addition, we provide Revenue Assurance services, which makes sure that accurate ‘Revenues’ are recorded for publicly traded companies for our Auditors. To record Revenues, we identify the products ordered by the customer, kind of additional services ordered or required and the total amount paid by the customer. Depending upon the services and products ordered by the customer, the total income generated was distributed monthly. Duration of this project was for 6 months. Quality check was performed on all transactions for accuracy.

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