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As new-millennium global leaders find it imperative to attract, mentor, develop, and retain talent pools, the HR vision of a company plays a crucial role in aligning human assets with organizational goals and creating a performance-driven, quality-oriented environment that nurtures sustainable growth. The HR Vision at Omniglobe International is essentially about its people and their professional growth. We are committed to developing HR strategies, which help assess our effectiveness against the dynamics of a rapidly changing marketplace and impact the organization's progress in positive direction. Omniglobe International values quality, excellence, and innovation, and employs best industry practices to ensure the successful implementation of its HR policies throughout the organization. The winning team at Omniglobe International is competent to the core, uncompromising in quality, and takes great pride in serving its valued customers.

Vision and Mission

The Human Resource Function envisions Omniglobe International as an employer of choice, one that provides a positive work environment and values all positive traits in its employees, as they work towards the organization's mission. Our employees are the organization's most valuable resource and we provide innovative solutions to workplace issues to optimize the workforce and support the organization's goals and objectives.

An Organization that Helps You Grow

At Omniglobe International, our people are our most valuable assets and we help them evolve into a Team of Performers with Focus, Will, and Capability. The company puts the highest emphasis on recruiting people with the necessary skills and attributes, so that new team members may soon have a clear understanding of our core values and easily fit into our corporate culture of excellence. We are constantly looking for talented and motivated professionals with initiative, adaptability power, hands-on approaches to problem-solving and excellent team-orientation. Integrity remains the very core of our organizational culture – built upon impeccable values and delivered through teamwork, mutual respect, and the passion for perfection. If you are seeking an opportunity to join a multicultural workforce, utilize your skills innovatively and scale new heights in an organization that encourages free-thinking, presents stimulating challenges, and recognizes your active contributions in its growth – Omniglobe International is absolutely the right place for you.

Omniglobe International combines process maturity with flexibility to ensure seamless services and delivery excellence – the key differentiators that keep us ahead of the competition and help us develop long-lasting relationships with our valued customers across the globe. A clear focus and aligned understanding of our strategic priorities, the commitment to succeed, and the capacity to achieve desired objectives are what we expect from our team. To help them reach these objectives, we offer them adequate employee benefits and ensure a professional work environment, where interaction and learning go hand-in-hand. Hence, the scope for growth definitely goes unlimited.

We help you grow through:

  • Performance management
  • Success planning
  • Leadership development through example
  • Respect and recognition
  • Effective support
  • True-value employee benefits

Value-additions for Performance Enhancement

A people-first and quality-focused organization, Omniglobe International values the knowledge, talents, skills, and abilities of its team members and recognizes them as its core strength. We lay special emphasis on employee satisfaction & leadership development while ensuring the following value-additions to build a culture of excellence:

  • Interdepartmental SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for performance enhancement.
  • Tailor-made training programs for all employee bases.
  • Fast track growth for star performers. We ensure vertical and horizontal growth including a coherent; overall plan that clearly addresses employees’ needs and expectations.
  • Sharing of experiences by our best performers for overall quality improvement.
  • Top category security policy (especially for female employees) for best-possible work environment.
  • Formal grievance redressal system and quick resolution to ensure workplace fairness.  
  • Fun@workplace/recreation activities to encourage creativity and help strike the right balance between work and leisure.
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