Maintain your existing telephone number across service providers via local number portability (LNP) and with precise back office systems & support
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Local Number Portability (LNP)

Local number portability enables subscribers to retain their existing telephone numbers (wire line, wireless or Internet-based) when they switch service providers. LNP (local number portability) boosts competition as well, enabling carriers to provide enhanced services to attract new customers.

Tier 1 Service Providers Partner with Omniglobe International

Local number portability is a competitive requirement in the USA, Europe, and many other international markets, and major service providers face the challenge while coping with rapidly increasing LNP traffic. What's more, increased traffic also results into additional infrastructural and management costs. Like many a crucial back office system, major LNP operations are, therefore, commonly outsourced by key service providers to reliable service bureaus. Omniglobe International has emerged as the tried and trusted partner of Tier 1 service providers who outsource fallout for local number portability services to increase efficiency and lower cost, while freeing up core resources for innovating value-added, customized services and enhancing competitive advantage.

Service Offerings

A leading provider of end-to-end local number portability solutions, Omniglobe International leverages its technical

Best-of-breed, integrated solutions
Greater efficiency in terms of technology, infrastructure and service excellence
Better fallout management
Good troubleshooting techniques
Reduced operational costs
expertise and excellent customer service to serve Tier 1 service providers in the USA and across the globe. We provide turnkey solutions for comprehensive LNP operations and support all aspects of the LNP process.

Each subscriber needs to submit a letter of authorization (LOA) stating his/her request to port the TN away from the current service provider, to the new carrier of choice. Based on the LOA, the customer service record (CSR) is released and subsequently, a local service request (LSR) can be submitted.

Prior to processing an LSR, Omniglobe International carries out a pre-port validation (PPV) to identify the current service provider and ensures the portability of the TN in question. If the TN is portable, the LSR is duly processed and a firm order confirmation (FOC) is issued if the LSR does not contain any error, discrepancy, or incomplete information. On the porting date mentioned on the FOC, a port out is effected as per the subscriber’s request and the TN is removed from the donor service provider’s system to be activated on that of the receiver/winning carrier.

SOA to update back office system: A service order administration (SOA) ensures an administrative interface among service providers, networks, and the master LNP database (also known in the USA as Number Portability Administration Centre or NPAC) which features complete information about all ported numbers. When a subscriber switches service providers and ports a TN, Omniglobe International feeds the LNP data into the service provider's back office system and the SOA system ensures that the change is reflected in the master database.

Bridging the gap: Throughout the local number portability operations, our processes monitor and identify errors and inaccuracies – especially those caused by mismatched carrier data and leading to order fallout. Omniglobe International specializes in critical fallout management and troubleshooting, so that issues are handled promptly and efficiently to enhance customer satisfaction and increase service levels.

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