Get quality provisioning service at Omniglobe International, Our telecom provisioning system simplifies and automate the entire telecom lifecycle.

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Provisioning Service  & System

From order initiation through to activation, a telecom provisioning system covers a full range of critical activities and plays a major role in simplifying and automating the entire telecom lifecycle. As enhanced operations, along with new service architecture, help reduce costs and minimize the time lapse between order intakes and real-time configurations, service providers are able to ensure faster delivery and superior customer experience – resulting into reduced fallout, quicker billing, and increased revenue.

Outsource for Excellence

Omniglobe International caters to some of the world's largest service providers. The company ensures optimized order

Outsourced provisioning service: How you gain
Enhanced operational efficiency
Best industry practices
Improved customer satisfaction
Reduced errors
Minimum order fallouts
Increased productivity
Faster revenue generation
management and fulfills large-volume activation, up-sell, and cross-sell needs of wire line, wireless, and IP-based telecom system operators. Outsourced provisioning enables Tier 1 service providers to specialize in core competencies as the company offers end-to-end solutions for processing orders and porting/activating TNs (telephone numbers) quickly and accurately. Our offshore facilities in India are fully equipped with carrier-grade, convergent technologies - supporting diverse customer interfaces, OSS (operations support systems), & telecom networks, and aligning & automating all complex back office functions.

At Omniglobe International, we fully comprehend that a single service outage in the entire telecom provisioning system may lead to delays and order fallout. We offer full scalability enabling clients to shift from massive infrastructure costs to a variable expense structure and evolving with their business objectives and service offerings.

What We Offer

Omniglobe International has a well-organized provisioning system in place to support the entire telecom lifecycle. Our business analysts will assess your process requirements and propose a fully customized roadmap for outsourced provisioning so that you may meet your desired service objectives. With its industry-leading technical and business expertise, dedicated workforce, and a proven past performance, Omniglobe International is capable of providing a comprehensive range of outsourced provisioning services including:

Order taking and formatting : A local service request (LSR) may be placed in a wide range of formats - through voice, fax, and e-mail, and our experts, before placing it in the validation queue, extract and reformat the required data.

Validation : Validation is done through third party verification (TPV) to check a telephone number (TN) and identify fraud applications prior to submitting a port request. This can considerably decrease the percentage of order fallout and improve service delivery.

Flow-through/data transfer : Once validation and other relevant inter-carrier communications processes (ICP) are over, real-time activation and integration take place. Omniglobe International also provides customer account record exchange (CARE) support which facilitates quick and automated exchange of records among telecom service providers.

Expertise in outsourced telecom provisioning service : Whether it is service activation, fallout management or customer support, Omniglobe International has the expertise and experience to provide integrated provisioning and offers flexible solutions to meet your custom requirements.

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